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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurances do you take?

Traditional Medicaid, Dentaquest, MCNA Dental, CHIP and most Major Insurances.

Do you do Implants?

Yes we can evaluate patients and we do implants.  The patient will be treated by an Oral Surgeon to place the Bone section of the implant and we will do the Crown in our office.

Do you extract wisdom teeth?

Yes.  If they are extractions that we consider simple, we will do them in our office, or we will refer you to any of the Oral Surgeons in the Valley.

What Experience does Dr. Octavio Mejia Jr. have?

Dr. Mejia graduated in 1984 and has been working in Private Practice ever since.

Do you do Root Canals?

Yes we do Endodontic treatments in our office unless we consider that a tooth requires special instruments or is very curved then we will refer to an Endodontist.

What are my Payment Options?

Cash, Checks, Care Credit, United Medical Credit, VISA and MasterCard.

How often should I floss?

We recommend that you floss daily.

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